An Exclusive Loyalty Program for Our Partners

    Mitesh Shah - Managing Director

    Covid-19 and the ongoing pandemic have hindered life as we know it - from our jobs to our personal lives. But the world persevered, moved on and shifted into the New Normal - where businesses experienced disruption and widespread digital adoption on an unprecedented scale.

    Mitsumi is the fastest growing IT distributor, and all eyes are on us in this post-pandemic business era. Under the leadership of Mathew Thomas, a proven industry Supply Chain Transformation expert and business development leadership hire, Kostas Athanasopoulos, we are looking at 2021 as an evolution for Mitsumi, and the name of the game is ‘Expansion in Partnership’.

    While we have achieved goals and crossed milestones, it was not without our partners’ hard work and dedication. Therefore, we raise a toast to you and your efforts in helping Mitsumi climb to the top.

    To acknowledge your valued contributions, we at Mitsumi have launched the Mitsumi Gold Partner Circle - an exclusive Loyalty Program designed for our partner customers. Through this maiden initiative, we hope to bring Mitsumians and our partners closer so that we may scale greater heights together!

    Grab this exciting opportunity to showcase your business with Mitsumi over the next six months, and as your business with us grows, you will be among few to receive a VIP invite to a renewed and unforgettable ‘Escape to España’ in April 2022. This is our tribute to acknowledge and recognise your achievements with us.

    Welcome to the Mitsumi Gold Partner Circle, my dear Partner!



    Program Details

    • All partners invited into the Gold Partner Circle are already winners in their own right and we would want to recognize you at any level as a ‘Gold Partner’.

    • The Gold Partner Circle acknowledges your sales performance over the next 6 months (from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022) in the form of Karats - 24k, 22k, 18k.

    • Every partner who earns the 24k Gold partner status will get the Grand Invitation to Spain in 2022.

    • Targets are customised for each partner by the Mitsumi Business team.

    • They will be reviewed every 3 months and the Mitsumi Business team will work hand-in-hand for deals and offers during the program period.

    Mathew Thomas - President

    " Our partners are indispensable and are like gold to us! We fundamentally exist as a company because of our partners and they are at the centre of all things Mitsumi. I warmly welcome you to our maiden partner program initiative - ‘Mitsumi Gold Partner Circle’- conceptualised to incentivise and enhance value for all our customers and partners. This year is going to be an exciting one for all of us - as we are building new vendor partnerships, expanding our partner ecosystem and in-country presence across the Middle East and Africa.

    We welcome you once again to the Gold Circle.

    Let us work to celebrate our European Adventure together!